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Ping For Windows GUI

The pingVs application is a simple GUI front end in .Net4.5+ for the common network utility and fault finding ping and tracert (Trace Route) command line functions.

It also provides various other IP related seaches and support requests such as DNS lookup etc depending on the operating environment and product version.

It allows users to quickly execute ping and trace requests for any supplied IP or host name and to set optional parameters such as ttl, hop limits etc. without recourse to the command line -xxx options hand typing.

As with the latest Windows command line versions both IP Version 4 and 6 Address formats are supported.

In addition, further support is added for automatic fall back of IP addressing formats if a selected format is not supported somewhere in the routes or end points along with reporting of any DNS redirection of targets.

Output from ping and trace can be easily cut and pasted into other applications (i.e. Mail Messages) using standard Windows copy and paste options and commands.

The application can be installed free of charge on as many PC's as your require making it suitable for use as a troubleshooting tool for single user internet connectivity, through small home or SOHO networks to corporate LAN/WAN systems, where user access to Command line utilities are neither desirable or permitted.

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista Sp2 or Above
  • .Net 4.5 Framework or Above
  • Minimum 800x600 Display