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ExpressPrint Library

The ExpressPrint Library (dll) has been designed for Microsoft dotnet programmers using the Express (or full) versions of the Visual Studio 2008 or above development platform, where in-built reporting features are not available or suitable for a specific application.

It provides a low cost, quick and simple high level interface between data table and grid view windows forms controls and the printing system components of the dotnet framework by automating most of the formatting and device control handling that would otherwise require extensive hand coding for each print operation required.

A simple developers licence fee enables the library to be distributed with applications royalty free.

Written in VB.Net for the .Net 3.51 - Sp1 Framework, it does not rely on external Windows API functionalliy and should be compatible with all versions of the Framework at or above this level.

In it's simplest form just 3 lines of code are required to send a forms displayed datagridview or other data type object to a print device

Of course there are many more functions and properties that can be set within the library object to enable formatting of printed output from data objects within your application.

The library is capable of producing both multi-record tabular reports and single record field based layouts.

An Evaluation (Demostration) Version of the Library and it's documentation can be downloaded in Zip format from the Download button on this page, for other formats or Multi-Developer Licences or other information on this or our other products please contact us

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