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Wipe My Flash - Data Cleanser

With the ever increasing burden on businesses and individuals to ensure both their own and client data is secured from theft or unauthorized access, we were approached recently to investigate cost effective methods of ensuring data was wiped from USB/Flash memory devices, whilst leaving the device cleaned and re-usable for other staff, recycling or checked for any previously deleted or hidden data being cleansed from a device prior to distribution to sales teams or clients.

Our investigations showed that although there are many available solutions to data wiping, these mainly rely on low level disk access and formatting, which as we have found out to our cost can leave USB and Flash memory un-usable, requiring disposal, rather than allowing re-use or requires elevated user access rights.

In addition, almost all of these products remove all data from the devices rather than cleansing free space and leaving genuine files and data intact. This capability can be required when the device has in-built encryption and security software installed that must remain on the device for it to function correctly.

Other solutions we uncovered in our investigations involved the use of dubious and in some cases downright dangerous use of electricity or hammers, lorry wheels etc...

Accordingly we have developed this software to utilize standard Windows file and device management functionality to perform data wiping of flash and USB memory drives, without the need to perform low level writing and re-formatting of these devices or for users to explicitly have system level access rights to perform many of the functions required to ensure data on these devices are wiped and/or free space cleansed to an acceptable level..


You can download the demonstration version of the software free of charge using the demo download button at the top of this page.

Network/Multi-user versions are also available for larger installations, please contact us for further information of these options.

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