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VPAT Database (Free Edition)

The VPAT Software package is designed for recording and reporting of PAT Test results primarily from non downloadable PAT Testers such as the Seawards Primetest 100/250, Martindale HPAT and EPAT series or Megger 300 Series etc.

It supports recording of standard Earth, Protective Conductor Current (Leakage), Touch Current, Substitute Leakage, Flash and Load tests as well as Visual, IEC Lead pass/fail status, RCD trip times etc.

It also supports the recording of appliance risk assessment values and identification of Hardwired (fixed) assets as well as Microwave Leakage results for compliance with the IET 4th Edition recommendations of a complete risk based approach to PAT and In service electrical testing.

Sample screen shots and reports images can be seen by clicking on the small software screen image above.

It has been designed to provide rapid data entry via internal lookup and autocomplete logic to reduce common "Typo errors" that can plague both test reporting and "Value Added" use of the data collected during testing.

It allows setting of default tests to be recorded and Pass/Fail value limits for data entry allowing a Virtual PAT tester to be set up to again reduce input errors when determining Pass or Fail status for an appliance test.

It also provides a consistent recording and reporting format for tests carried out with both manual and downloadable testers from different manufacturers without requiring separate software or reporting for each tester utilised across multiple test sites and/or test periods allowing quick comparison with previous results for problem appliances.

The software does not attempt to teach PAT testing or replace the roll of the testers skills and assumes the user has the required knowledge of result interpretation and in the Code of Practice for PAT and associated testing.

The system comes with a variety of licensing options from Free (Single company, limited tests) through standard, (Multiple company test sets or test cycles) to a Pro version allowing creation of client viewer and data distribution and billing/engineer costings etc.. and Multi User versions

  Free/Demo Standard Pro
No. of Result Sets/Sites/Companies 2 Unrestricted Unrestricted
No. of Tests per Result Set 200 Unrestricted Unrestricted
Images Supported 10 Total 1 per test 6 per test
Pass/Fail Reports YES YES YES
Basic Re-Test Reporting YES YES YES
User Definable Pass/Fail Reports X YES YES
Disposals Reports X YES YES
Basic Statistics Reports X YES YES
Advanced Re-test Reporting X YES YES
Enhanced reporting and totalling X X YES
Exceptions Reporting X X YES
Data Export X X YES
Client Data viewer distrbution X X YES
Multi User Version Available See

Note: The Free/Demo version can be installed using the Multi-user/Network installer package to a shared network server/drive, but will only allow ONE concurrent user to access the software.

Network/Multi-user versions are also available for larger installations, please contact us for further information of these options.

The Demo/Free version can be downloaded using the Software download Button at the top of the page

System Requirements.

  • Windows server or XP Service pack 3 or above
  • .Net framework 3.5 Service pack 1
  • Minimum 800x600 resolution monitor

Note: The download installer package will automatically check for the correct Microsoft Framework presence and prompt for the relevant Microsoft Windows Update procedures if required. However Windows 8 or 10 users should review Microsofts information on the .NET 3.5x framework installation procedures.