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Printer Toners and Cartridge Management (Pro) 

For those like us who were forever opening the toners storage cupboard to find that there are ten toners for printers we no longer have and none for the one that's just run out then this management tool is for you.

The Toners Lite version allows the user, IT and/or Office administration department to maintain a list of printers, toners, cartridges and suppliers and quickly produce a stocking report to ensure sufficient toners are always available and "old" toners are not re-ordered for non-existent or out of service printers.

It also supports the logging of toner or cartridge changes for basic usage reporting analysis.

The unregistered Lite (Shareware) version can be downloaded free of charge using the download button above for use or evaluation but has a maximum limit of 20 Printers that can be stored in the databases and restrictions on toner usage reporting. These shareware restrictions can easily be removed by following the registration process detailed in the downloaded products help file.

The Toners (Pro) version has all the capabilities of the Lite version and additionally enable the logging of toner purchases and replacements allowing additional stock control and toner usage and costng analysis by individual printers and/or location (department) for costing and financial control purposes.

Network/Multi-user versions are also available for larger installations, please contact us for further information of these options.

System Requirements.

  • Windows server or XP Service pack 3 or above
  • .Net framework 3.5 Service pack 1
  • Minimum 800x600 resolution monitor

Note: The download installer package will automatically check for the correct Microsoft Framework presence and prompt for the relevant Microsoft Windows Update procedures if required. However Windows 8 or 10 users should review Microsofts information on the .NET 3.5x framework installation procedures.