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Mover SBS (Network Install)

Derived from various Speadsheets, documents and manual sources previously used by our in-house move managers this software has been designed to consolidate the varying sources into a single moves management and tracking system and is now available to end users or move managers to assist re-locations teams in managing staff desk allocations and internal or external moves for a company.

The software consists of 4 main functions

The physical desks section allows the creation and maintenance of desk details across multiple floors and/or sites & buildings and recording of special or varying pedestal or height configurations for each individual desk.

The staff records allow the creation and maintenance of staff details for allocation against desks. Forward start and leaving dates are catered for, along with temporary absence for Holidays, maternatiy leave etc. along with any specific desk heights or special chair requirements.

Once desks and staff have been set up, then the move plans modules allows creation of staff moves, automatically verifing the new target desks for posible double occupancy, correct height, pedistal configurations etc against existing values stored for the individual desk and staff record.

Both desk, staff, allocations and move summary reporting is provided for resource planning, budgetary or costs anaylysis by dates, departments, sites etc.

More detailed operation and installation information can be found in the downloadable PDF version of the softwares help file system at the top of the page.

The system can be downloaded free of charge in both standalone or SBS/Network versions as an unlicenced (Free/Demo) version with limited capabilities.

  Free/Demo Standard
No. of Desk Records 20 Unrestricted
No. of Staff Records 30 Unrestricted
No. of Current Move Plans 2 Unrestricted
Desk Record Creation by Floor NO YES

Note: The Free/Demo version can be installed using the Multi-user/Network installer package to a shared network server/drive, but will only allow ONE concurrent user to access the software.

Multi Company/Dataset versions are also available for larger installations, please contact us for further information of these options.

The Demo/Free version can be downloaded using the Software download Button at the top of the page

System Requirements.